Lewes Canalfront Park

master plan & site design | lewes, delaware

Andropogon worked with the City of Lewes and the community to plan a new city park and vital open space that captures the character and history of the town and provides an opportunity to reconnect the historic town core to the waterfront. A commitment to sustainably planning the canalfront area means considering and understanding a wide range of concerns, such as the impacts of flood regimes and water quality, managing the impacts of traffic and parking while ensuring pedestrian safety, providing improved marina facilities, preserving and enhancing historic urban streetscape character, and planting with native plant communities. The participatory planning process included interviews, workshops, and user surveys in order to achieve a common understanding of the goals and objectives of both the community and the city. The completed park is enjoyed by the public, a favorite for a variety of uses from quiet walks to wedding reception and civic gatherings.



2011 Sustainability Award from AIA Delaware